Ciara & Evan: Almost-Winter Barn Elopement

Two weeks ago, one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever been so lucky to call a friend, and her absolutely incredible boyfriend, decided to elope and asked me to photograph it. Obviously I screamed and said HOLY CRAP YES. Ciara and I went through some wild times together and coped from breakups together and bonded over video games, poppunk music and Disney movies. Then Evan came into her life and I’ve never seen two people more perfect together and so purely in love. Never have I witnessed something so wonderful between two people and to witness it with just them and Evan’s uncle as they read their vows to one another at a barn they found on AirBnB was something so special I just can’t describe. I've never been more grateful to have been asked to photograph something so special (truly just the most perfect word to describe it) for such an amazing girlfriend and her incredible man. The following video is nothing fancy but I managed to put together a lil quick somethin' while photographing, too, and I couldn't be happier for truly the most perfect little family. 💕🌲