The older I get, the more I’ve realized how important and special photos of and with those I love are.


And I’d love to give you those memories to remember, too.

I grew up a soccer player and traditional fine artist, got my BS in Engineering Technology at Kent State University, and spent the majority of college teaching myself photography and editing (by trial and error and spending hours upon hours on YouTube). I spent almost ten years learning all I know by documenting my own face (and dog). A ton. Because life’s too short not to, you know?

My earliest memory of my interest in photography, according to my parents, was apparently approaching them at a very young age whenever they had their chunky 90s cameras in hand, reaching for it, saying “it’s my turn Mommy.” And once I got a camera of my own and began practicing, experimenting and teaching myself the art and technical side of things with self portraits (project started in 2011 like lots of other conceptual photographers at the time on a wonderful website called Flickr) the rest was history.

I just love taking photos of people in their element because I find so much joy looking back at my own pictures from when I was younger and especially when my parents were younger, and being able to relive a completely different time and remember it as vividly as it happened. From Polaroids to disposable Kodak film to printing out digitals, nothing compares to having that history in your hands.

Photos took on a different level of importance I never imagined, however, when my mom was diagnosed at 48 suddenly with terminal stomach cancer (gofundme here) earlier this year. Pictures are truly the only way to preserve as much memory of your loved ones as possible. Being able to look back on physical images, be it from when you were younger, or in the future when your loved ones now are no longer there, or for your children to eventually look back at you through, are the single most precious kind of prized possession in my opinion. Her diagnosis reignited and reimagined my purpose with photography, as well as my desire to have as many pictures with her as possible, because someday that’s all I’m going to have. And if I can give that to someone, then that’s the most fulfilling gift and job of all.

Outside of photography I’m obsessed with soccer, makeup, skincare, health and fitness, and being in a garage, so I’m ALWAYS learning and doing something to further myself in all my interests. Sometimes I also make YouTube videos. Traveling is also another huge passion of mine and I hope to mix travel and work as much as possible for years to come, because I love meeting others and documenting my time in places on this beautiful Earth I’ve only ever dreamed of visiting.

Whether you’re just around the corner or across the country, please feel free to reach out if you’re down for an adventure and some fun photographs along the way! Send an email my way at or fill out the contact form on my website, and feel free to keep up with my day-to-day life and creations on social media with the links below.

Head on over to the CONTACT page to get in touch with your shoot ideas!

I can’t wait to hear from you! :)


banner photo by J.Lynne Photography xx


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